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Encrypter (ERPT) Technology’s mission is to provide blockchain-based systems that are
secure, interoperable, integrated, and dependable for their users. The Encrypter Coin is a
new cryptocurrency on the Crypto Smart Chain Network. It is Encrypter’s goal to get
everyone involved by allowing them to purchase these coins and participate in the world
of digital currencies.

Encrypter Ecosystem users can find turnkey solutions tailored to their financial and
blockchain-related needs by accessing a wide range of platforms. The Encrypter
Ecosystem eliminates the need for clients to search for alternative or dedicated
platforms to conduct their regular operations.

Among the major operations Encrypter Ecosystem plans to offer its users: Blockchain
Wallet, P2P Escrow, Payment Gateway, Yield Farming, and Encrypter Coin (ERPT)
Holding. Providing Trading and Utility Payments is one of the main goals of the project
since these are widely-adopted and newer uses of blockchain